ONTOLIS Base V2.8.1

ONTOLIS is a special kind of software. Its core is not a finished product. It is the basis that maps out every possible reality. All it needs is your knowledge.


We start with an empty universe. Little by little we fill it with Elements. Regardless of whether they are Planets, Humans, Machines, Products, Animals or all of those together - There is no limit to our imagination.


Next, we equip our Elements with properties to describe them closer. Let's assume we put a giraffe in our universe. Our giraffe should have a certain minimal height to be able to reach the leaves of the trees.


But what does it help our giraffe to reach the leaves if it doesn't know what to do with them? We must teach our elements how they can interact with each other: The giraffe eats leaves.


In order to make our Universe more dynamic, we put conditions and requirements in place. A giraffe needs one bucket of water per planet rotation. Soon you will be able to see how our giraffe is affected by a climate warming of 1 Talotama.

This is ONTOLIS. A software which helps your team master your mission. Use existent data, discover causalities and free yourself from rigid ways of thinking. Define your own Talotama.



ONTOLIS is a modern software-platform and rooted in the cloud. This ensures fast user access and reliable scalability when it comes to large datasets. The software can be deployed to the public, private or hybrid cloud and enables a safe and fast software rollout.


100 or 1.000.000 objects - building on top of a generic database architecture, ONTOLIS scales even with very large datasets. Teams and even entire organisations can access the system simultaneously and obtain the data they need - when they need it.

Low-level Coding

The requirements on information platforms like ONTOLIS change continuously. Therefor ONTOLIS provides a graphical programming language interface, which can be used to configure and deploy new features without code-changes or downtimes.


Ontology Base

Ontology - the theory of being and the base of ONTOLIS. Within an ontology everything is connected - a whole domain can be described. Rules and Inferences allow the digital model to be transposed into the real world.

Structure & Manage

There are no loose ends inside an ontology - every object is connected and therefore described by it's context. Information is structured by design and new information blocks like texts, pictures or files find their correct place easily.

Collaboration & Workflow

Safe Versioning allows continuous information delivery from the ontology. Together with configurable release processes, branching and delta calculation information quality remains excellent. Splitting the Ontology in manageable logical interconnected units, teams can work collaboratively and synchronously at all times.

Describe & Edit

All information is visually accessible and editable within the powerful editor. Every information collected is visible and transformable - ready to build upon.

Search & Find

Knowledge is useful only when it is available and accessible. ONTOLIS provides this through configurable conditional multi-facetted search, reasoning algorithms, fuzzy search integration and visualy-supported navigation through the semantic network.

Publish & Distribute

ONTOLIS supports standard publication formats, simple publication paths and full-scale variant management. Give every variant it's digital twin and provide user centric information regardless of the complexity of your product or product platform.

Users & Roles

Configurable operation rights and roles let's you bring your work philosophy to the system. Protect your gathered knowledge from unwanted access and give the power to those who can handle it.

Regions & Languages

Built-in localization for all objects inside the ontology and interfaces to common translation services give you the tools to reach everybody. If that's not enough TLM is there for you.


We don't want to waste your time. Batch processes and configurable templates speed up your workflow. Strict reuse of information through "usage blocks" and "proxies" saves you work later - possible both floating and frozen

Extending & Configuring

It is easy to extend and reconfigure ONTOLIS through the user interface. This approach of ontology modelling gives you the power to adapt to new challenges everyday - no coding required.

System Integration

No matter what you work with - ONTOLIS connects or even integrates into your system. Providing code components like search components, metadata handling, reasoning algorithms you give your old system a boost. And this without coding - visual interface modelling is here!

Metadata = Future

Data is important. Metadata is key.AR, VR and Chatbot systems are only as useful as their information base. Build this base now and profit in the long term. Structure data.